Additional Services


When buying or selling a house in Spain, it’s essential that you have the assistance of a qualified, registered lawyer who is familiar with the nuances of Spanish property laws. This is the only way to ensure that the purchase or sale of your Spanish property or planned renovations will be properly registered, and that there are no charges or debts against the property. It’s also important that you as a buyer understand the community statutes and rules that come with your new property.

Unicorn Estates works with an established and highly regarded international legal firm with extensive experience of the Spanish property market. You can rest assured that their multilingual legal team will take care of every aspect of your transaction and advise you in your own language, thereby removing the potential for unnecessary delays caused by misunderstandings or confusion.


Finding the right mortgage is an important decision that will impact upon you for many years, so we want to give you all the information you need to make an informed choice. Our mortgage experts can conduct a comprehensive search and match you with a mortgage that is the best fit for you. We will guide you on the documentation you need to assemble and help you secure the best value deal. Our advice is impartial and meeting your needs is our only aim.


In keeping with Unicorn’s ethos to go one step beyond… If you will be arriving from overseas to view properties or to manage an aspect of an on-going property development, we can offer you a concierge style service, by sending a friendly face to meet you at the airport. You can then enjoy a stress free experience as we guide you through your house hunt or project. Simply let us know when you wish to arrange a viewing and we will do the rest.


If you need assistance sourcing a rental property, for short term or long term, Unicorn Estates can assist you. Our team collaborates with rental specialists and has a network of owners who we can work with to find you the perfect rental.


Similarly, if you own a property on the Costa del Sol and require property management services, we can deal with this too. We can arrange for a key holding, cleaning and maintenance service for as long as necessary. This is particularly important if you are currently seeking a buyer. Property that is left empty can quickly become and dusty, giving the wrong impression to potential buyers. Homes that are clean, well-presented and easily accessible sell faster and earn a better return.


In addition if your property appears neglected and unloved, this can be equally off-putting. If required, we can arrange for a home staging professional to give your property a cosmetic facelift to make it sale ready and more appealing to buyers or as a rental. Entrust your home to us and we can help your property reach its full income potential, through rental and ultimately sale.